7th Annual EEF Beefsteak Dinner & Grant Awards

Save the Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020!

More information coming soon!

We congratulate last years winners!

Michelle Arminio & Erica Toto, Park Middle School

Little Free Library


Kelly Bhatia, McGinn Elementary School

Kindergarten Design Challenges: Where Story Characters’ Problems

Meet the Real World


Lorissa Clark, SPFHS

Spanish Reading Experience


Dr. Jocelyn Dumaresq, Park Middle School

Enhancing Our Physical Spaces and Emotions Through Arts Integration


Justin Fiory, School One Elementary

Sensory Hallway


Charlene Hall, Cristiana Sardo, Kate Vanderheyden,

Annmarie Vinges, Tiffany Annese & Driss Senhaji,

Brunner Elementary School,

It Makes Sense to Me


Christina Held, Terrill Middle School

Engaging Students with Diverse Literature


John Lohn & Dr. Sasha Slocum, McGinn Elementary School

Complete Coding: A Whole-School Opportunity to Embrace Technology


Zachary Rittner, SPFHS

Spiffy High Bird Count


Robin Stayvas & Katherine Hollenback, SPFHS

From Computer Lab to Makerspace

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