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(Purchases can no longer made as this fundraising program has ended. You can continue to nominate families that need support.)


The EEF of SPF supports the Scotch Plains-Fanwood School District in promoting the SPF We are One  initiative geared towards helping families in the community affected by COVID-19. Here is how you can help!


Life as we know it has changed drastically throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Families have been impacted emotionally and financially, but our community has shown resilience, strength and love through it all.

We are in this together, as one. Day by day we build a network of people who are there to support one another during this difficult time.  To commemorate this sense of community,  we have created a collection of T-shirts, face masks and lawn signs to show that We are One100 % of the proceeds from the this campaign will be used to support families in our community who are struggling financially during this crisis.

Lawn signs with SPF We are One logo are available for $20.00 and will be delivered to your door. 


Face masks with SPF We are One logo are available for $8.00 a piece and will be delivered to your home by school and community members. Click on the link below to visit the Mask store

(Fundraiser has ended - this link may not be functional at a third party site)

T Shirts with SPF We are One logo are available for $20.00 and can be shipped to your home.

(Fundraiser has ended - this link may not be functional at a third party site)

In order to make sure all families and community members are getting the support they need, please use the link below to enter the name of a family or community member that you feel might need some additional support.

Click here to identify someone in need of support!

(Information you submit through this form is not accessible to the EEF. This information will be collected by We are One program monitors and any assessment of financial need and disbursement of funds will be done by the school district)

If you have any questions about your T-shirt/Mask/Lawn sign order placed through this page or need financial support, please contact us at

Thank you for your support!

Message from SPF We are One Program organizers:

One Lawn Sign ($20.00)

3 Lawn Signs ($60.00)

2 Lawn Signs ($40.00)

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