2020 EEF HackSPF   

Event has been postponed due to school closings.


Held at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School

For beginning SPF coders in Grades 5 through 8

Annual EEF HackSPF introduces computer science enrichment to our 5th through 8th grade community in the Scotch Plains Fanwood school district using Python as a programming language. Students learn Python by using the Codesters Platform.  This is a playful, exploratory computer programming event for all of our HackSPF students! 

Coding is emerging as a new literacy for students because it helps them develop problem solving and computational thinking skills. When learning to code, students learn how to break down problems into components that make them easier to solve, and how to create algorithms to solve problems step-by step.

Coding is also increasingly becoming a fundamental skill for careers and educational pursuits outside of traditional “technology fields.” For example, students who want to study science will need to use code to analyze their data. Students who want to study art or design will need code to make their projects digital and accessible on the internet. And students who want to pursue a career in business will need code to create automated email and social media campaigns. Students who learn to code in school will be prepared for the digital world that they will enter when they graduate.

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